The importance of physical fitness is gaining attention in view of the growing incidence of lifestyle-related diseases. An important element of this fitness program is yoga, which can be practiced anywhere at any time. Even the West has established itself as a major protagonist of yoga, mainly because it offers all the benefits of a healthy regime without any side effects.

Other advantages of practicing yoga are that there is no need for a partner unlike the games and sports nor there is a need for equipment that have to be installed at a sports or recreation centre. It is a body-mind exercise that yields multiple benefits. Even the elderly people who cannot play games and sports can avail themselves of the benefits of yoga.

Further yoga has proved useful in the treatment of lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleeplessness, Overweight/Obesity, Body Pains, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, High Cholesterol, Heart Ailments, High Toxins, Thyroid Disorders, Digestive Disorders and Womens Health Related Diseases, etc. Besides these foregoing benefits, practicing yoga has proved to be an ideal stress buster.