Our Massage therapies are tailored to work both on the physical and psychological levels to invigorate and relax.masage techniques boost circulation and alleviate mental stress, soothing the soul and fostering balance and serenity to the mind.

Signature massage

A combination of strokes and acupressure techniques with our nourishing oil blend of sandalwood improves memory and induce concentration. It keeps the brain cool and relaxed and saves from undue stress and anxiety for total wellbeing.

Aroma therpay 

The gentle smothering massage with lavender and peppermint aroma oil will help you to unwind and destress, leaving you Ina tranquil state of mind.

Foot massage

An age old pressure point massage to stimulate the feet and other vitals by providing a smothering effect on the entire body.

The healing hot stone massage

This holistic treatment is given with the perfect blend of lavender,Jasmin and geranium oil. The penetrating heat of the stones relieves muscle tension and soothes tired body,allowing the muscles to warm up and relax.

Swedish massage 

Works on stiff tight and fatigued muscles with gentle yet firm pressure, and thereby restoring muscle tone. The state of bliss is one of the many benefits.

Thai massage

It is a form of physical therapy that involves stretching and pressure on the acupuncture points on the meridian lines connected to the organs throughout the body in order to balance the body’s whital energy flow and promote good health

Head massage

A scalp massage with a blend of rosemary and peppermint improve circulation and also enhance hair growth. It had been used down the ages to cool the system and has calming effect on the mind and body.

Back and shoulder massage

Stimulating the right pressure points and muscles removes the stress of everyday living. It eases away tensions, re balances the mind and body using special blend of lavender, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil.

Fitness massage

Ideal before or after exercise.this massage is done using a special blend of lavender, rosemary and Clove oil to warm up the muscle. Firm strokes and deep finger pressure relieves aches and pains. A truly invigorating experience.


Experience the miraculous effects of exotic herbs and time teyed scrubs as they exfoliate, detoxify,renew and refresh

Signature body scrub

this sandalwood signature scrub has a wonderful healing,cooling and anti inflammatory properties. The exfoliating effectreduces cellulite suntan and stimulates the lymphatic system. This exotic scrub leaves the skin soft and supple.


Cinnamon and salt body scrub


Cinnamon and salt scrubs away the rough patches by sloughing off the dead layer, thereby removing toxins caused by the pollution to reveal new skin which is delicately scented and radiant. 


Oats honey and citrus body scrubs


The active ingredients in this scrub removes the tan and lighten the skin. it exfoliates gently giving a refreshed feel with visible radiance.




Wrap yourself in rich, healing,bitanicals plants sourced from mother nature. Draw out impurities and scrub away dead cells and helps to slim and tone.

Sandalwood honey body wrap

The beautifying effect of scrub with milk and honey is combined in this absolute sensory experience to moisturise and nourish the skin. Sandalwood adds its anti oxidant and soothing properties, leaving the skin soft and soothing. 

Mineral mud toning wrap

Starting with a quick body scrub, the tratment is followed by detoxifying body wrap which consists of a therapeutic and rich mineral mud to boost the body metabolism. The skin tightening nature of the mud gives a firm toned look to the skin and entire body.

Need and fennel body wrap+ G5 slimming

Neem, a natural purifier and fennel an aromatic herb, together increases a metabolism and breaks down the cellulites, giving a eveness to the texture of the skin, leaving it velvety smooth and soft.


created to beautify and heal all skin types. You can choose from an exotic array of therapies below to deeply cleanse, exfoliate,increase blood supply to the skin and increase the metabolism which makes the skin supple and retain its elasticity and muscle tone and prevents wrinkling and keeps the skin nourished.


Signature facial

Our signature facial with the wondrous effect of sandalwood is equally good for dry as well as oily skin. The antiseptic properties in sandalwood help to fight the irritations associated with dry skin conditions and keep it hydrated while the astringent qualities reduce the pores of oily skin and actively eases the fine lines.


The awakening facial

The skin awakener, tamarind removes grime and dead skin cells as well as oiliness caused by pollution. The active ingredients clear blockages and is followed by a refreshing face mask, leaving you with a balance and bright complexion.

The radiance facial

Oats, papaya, honey and almond cleansers tone and moisturises the skin with lymphatic massage. It encourages cell regeneration to the skin and the complexion improves from deep within leaving you flawless with a natural radiance to your skin.

The reviving facial

Cleaning and toning natural alpha hydroxylate in sugarcane, removes the listless and damaged skin and thus removes the tone and texture, returning the skin its natural softness. The active ingredient nourish the skin and give it a youthful look.

The soothing facial 

Aloe Vera is well for its healing properties. It is used here s a perfect therapy for sensitive dry skin sun burnt and irritated skin. It replenishes thirsty skin with moisture, leaving it well hydrated and on its way to recovery.


Give in to the life changing experience when our exotic therapies combine to work wonders on your vitals. Installation tranquility into your mind, body and soul.


Bliss for two

An Oats and sugar body scrub which will cleanse and soften the skin. This is followed by aroma body massage which induces total relaxation and promises a state of bliss. A luxury radiance facial will reveal beautifully glowing skin.


A soft head massage to increase circulation and relieve stiffness and tensions. This is followed by a gentle foot massage which leaves the body totally relaxed. A radiance facial with pats papaya honey and almond cleanses, tone and moisturises skin with lymphatic massage. It encourages cell regeneration to the skin and the complexion improves from deep within leaving you flawless with natural radiance.


A soothing head massage followed by a vacuum and shoulder massage with hot stone therapy to ease stiff muscle on the shoulders followed with a foot reflexology which helps in Suttle flow of energy to all the internal organs of the body 


Cloud 9 luxury

A luxurious hot stone therapy with a blend of sandalwood oil to sooth the nerves and the body . This is an unbelievable indulgence for luxury of your body followed by a sandalwood body scrub to make the skin soft and silky. A rejuvenating facial and lymphatic facial massage to tone the face with Vit E leaves the skin totally nourished and retains the natural youthfulness and gives radiance and glow with a luxury manicure and pedicure to leave your hands soft and supple.