AYURVEDA, a science that that evolved since ages through observation, experience and method of life . Ayurveda is a holistic system that believes health is a state of physical and mental wellbeing and is based on perfect balance of three doshas (vata, pitha and kapha). Diseases are the outcome of the imbalanced state of these doshas. Ayurvedic mode of living rectifies this imbalance and helps an individual maintain a perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.


Abyangam is a general body massage with warm Medicated oil. Gentle to moderate pressure with hands and fingers are used for an effective massage. Massage is done in four to five standard positions.  It improves blood circulation and tones up muscles relaxing mind and body, relieving body pain and inducing good sleep. It rejuvenates by improving self confidence.

  • Advised for pain and stiffness.Boosting energy and lack or blood circulation etc

  Duration: 45min


Dhara is an ayurvedic treatment method, which includes the application of a coutinous stream of luke warm oil.


        Warm medicated oil is poured continuously on the person’s body while being gently massaged. This Dhara is usually done in four to five postures. It tones, strengthens and deeply rejuvenates the body ensuring better circulation.

  • Highly beneficial in rheumatic complaints. Advised in Paralysis, low back ache, neck pain and arthritis Hemiplegic, joint stiffness, reducing pain and inflammation, nervous disorders etc.

(Duration: 60min)     


It is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on central nervous system. In shirodhara, medicated oil is poured gently on the forehead as a continuous stream in between the temples.

  • Advised for insomnia, migraine, facial palsy, mental stress, to improve concentration and for skin diseases like psoriasis

(Duration: 45 min) RS.1600  



 A form of shirodhara in which  is medicated butter milk is poured continuously on the forehead as a continuous stream in between the temples. Relieves tension and certain types of skin diseases                  

  • Advised for skin diseases like psoriasis, insomnia, and stress.Helps to improve concentration

(Duration: 45minutes)


Medicinal Leaves, herbs, herbal powders, fleshes of animals etc. are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oils. The boluses are tied up in linen bags as kizhis

Njavara kizhi (shashtika pinda swedam)

                                               A  contribution of kerala to ayurveda. Involves fomentation of the body with boluses of specially cooked rice.A particular kind of rice known for its medicinal and nourishment value is cooked in milk along with suitable herbal decoction). It relieves paralytic strokes, strengthens tissues. It reduces pain and inflammation and is very effective for rejuvenation, nourishment

  • Advised in paralysis, low back ache, neck pain, rheumatism, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders etc

(Duration:60 min)

Ela Kizhi

Minced herbal leaves, coconut gratings and lemon,are warmed in medicated oil and bundled into boluses in cotton cloth.These bundles are steamed and the fomentation is patted rhythmically all over the body for sudation. It stimulates nerves and relieves from body pains, stiff joints, back aches and similar ailments

  • Advised in hemiplegia,pain in,neck,back and joints, osteo arthritis, arthritis, spondylosis etc..

Duration: 60min


       Medicated powders are made into poultices and used for giving fomentation. It revives the cell of skin and offers glow and vitality. It stimulate nervous system and is helpful in  backaches, joint aches, shoulder aches etc..

  • Advised in certain kinds of nuerological conditions, over weight and obesity, arthritis, some types of acute pains like sciatica and lumbago.

Duration : 60 min

Dhanya Kizhi

                                            Dhanya kizhi is a kind of therapeutic sweating in which powdered cereals and pulses are bundled into bolus, warmed and applied all over the body.  In this treatment, body is fomented with linen bundles containing drugs like cereals, horse gram, black gram, cotton seed etc,

  • Effective in reducing pain and inflammation in the joints, neck and lower back

Duration : 60min


                     Udwarthanam is a focus massage with medicated  herbal powder using upward strokes. This helps to reduce fat patches from the body, toning of muscles, improves blood circulation, removes excess heat from the body and eases joint pains. It helps reduce weight by increasing basal metabolic rates.

  • Advised in obesity,hemiplegia, paralysis, oily skin, lack of complexion, blemishes etc…

Duration : 60 minutes 


            Process of retaining medicated oil or decoctions over the affected area for specific duration

Siro Vasthi

                                   A unique method of holding medicated oil over the scalp with the help of leather cap fixed around the head.  Effective in severe head ache, memory loss and eye problems etc..

  • This procedure is advised for facial palsy, migraine, dryness of mouth, throat and nostrils, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, Parkinson’s disease etc.

Duration : 60 min

Kadee Vasthi

                           A treatment for lumbar aches and pains  by retention of oil at the lower back in a circular receptacle .Lukewarm medicated oil is slowly poured in to it. The oil in the receptacle is kept warm by transfering the oil gently heated in a water bath through out the procedure. It is specially designed to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Advised for pain, stiffness, degenerative changes (osteoarthritis), Sciatica, intervertibral disc prolapse and lumbar spine injuries.

Duration : 45 minutes

Greeva Vasty

                      Bathing the back of neck using warm medicated oil or herbal decoction. This is a rejuvenation therapy for neck pain shoulder pain and stiffness. Greeva vasthti is likely to alleviate most types of problems related to neck.

  • Advised for patients who suffer from frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, head ache and giddiness,osteoporosis.

Duration : 45 minutes

Janu Vasti

         A special treatment in which warm medicated oil is retained over the knee joint.  It relieves pain and stiffness and easens movement of knee joint. It also strengthens the joint , muscles and soft tissues around and improves circulation.

  • Advised for knee joint conditions like arthritis, degenerative conditions, tendon injuries, sprain etc..

Duration : 45 minutes (RS.1000)

Uro Basthi

     Uro basthi or hridaya basthi is retention of medicated oil on the chest wall. It reduces pain in the sternum area and strengthens the heart.

  • Effective treatment for asthma, other respiratory problems such as bronchiectasis,and muscular chest pain.

Duration : 60 minutes


This treatement aims to provide optimum rejuvenation to eyes. Medicated decoction and ghee are retained around the eyes within a border made of medicated herbal dough.This is a treatment that strengthens the optical nerves, prevents cataract and gives a cooling effect to the eyes. It provides improved vision and strengthening of eye tissues.

  • Advised in burning in the eyes, dryness in the eyes, curved eyes, conjunctivitis, watering in eyes, night blindeness, squinting, myopia etc..

Duration : 45 minutes


                  Therapeutic administration of medicated oils or herbal juices (prepared in the form of nasal drops) through nostrils is termed as Nasyam.This is one of the Pancha karma procedure for detoxification. It acts by removing the excess humors accumulated in different sinus cavities and throat. It cleances the different cavities and increases oxygenation thus improving brain functioning.

  • Advised in different kinds of migraine head aches,sinuisitis, mental tension, facial paralysis, loss of smell taste and even can add claity to voice.

Duration : 30minutes


 A treatment process by which part of the body or whole body is perspiredby application of njavara rice pudding.  Helps in improving the skin texture and muscle tone.

  • Advised conditions of muscular dystrophy and stiffness.

Duration : 60 minutes


            A paste made of  various  herbs with buttermilk is applied all over the head. The healing properties of the herbs calm down the nervous system and rejuvenate the person.

  • This treatment is indicated for insomnia , headache , hair loss and graying , dandruff , stress relief and certain mental ailments

Duration : 45 minutes  



                   A palliative treatements for the ailments of head , neck and spine . A long thick layer of cotton wool soaked with warm medicated oil is applied over the affected area. A therapy very effective for degenerative and painful spinal problems

  • This treatement is indicated in partial mparalysis, rheumatism, and symptoms assossiated with nervous disorders

    Duration: 30 minutes