Ayurveda is a pioneer and leader in quality systems driven Ayurveda care for disease reversal, revitalisation, and health holidays, at Cloud9 Wellness a healing destination in the Bangalore. With State of the art Center in this Posh Indira Nagar club the Kriya Sala is a spectacular, modern creation, representing the perspectives and values of the Ayurveda. Blending into the traditional system and offering therapies for body-mind-soul. We go beyond the superficial Ayurveda experience to a deeply personalised, classical Ayurveda experience. Ayurveda is complemented with Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Ayurveda cooking, etc as opted in by the guest. A full fledged spa facility and superb solarium completes the experience.

We offer purest ayurveda in one of the most beautiful set up :Health Holidays’ is a unique concept that allows different members of one family/group to choose a health experience from a smorgasbord of healthy choices, and to truly revitalise themselves during the course of a holiday bonding with each other. In addition, at Cloud9 Ayur Wellness it now enables you to offer medical value travel to your existing client base as a super premium offering. We will be happy to go into some detail to help understand our current offerings.